About us

in Orpington since 2005

I wanted the best for my children so I studied to be a Montessori teacher. I opened my first preschool so I could help other parents get the best for their children.

Cima Shahroudi BSc MSc Intl Dip Mont EYPS

How we got our start

Cima Shahroudi has been providing high quality Montessori education in Orpington since 2005 when she started a small Montessori childminding practice in her own home. She had become interested in Montessori education as a way to benefit her own children and started the Montessori International Diploma course at Montessori Centre International, in London, which she completed in 2003.

The first preschool

In 2007 she opened her first preschool in Pratts Bottom village, Orpington. The preschool was called Shining Stars Montessori Preschool and was popular with local families and those that travelled to give their children the advantage of attending a Montessori preschool.

Our preschool

Cima was asked to set up a preschool in Orpington Methodist Church Hall because the previous preschool was closing down. One of the reasons the previous preschool closed was because there was no outside play area.

She worked with the church to create a new play area outside and Orpington Montessori Preschool opened in 2008. Later the outdoor play area was enhanced by installing a canopy and astroturf so it can be used in all weather. This provides a dry area when it rains and shade from the sun in the summer.

Building work in the church

Orpington Methodist Church (see map) had been planning building work for many years. Finally in 2021 this came to fruition and work to extend the foyer and other enhancements was completed. As part of this work new toilets were installed for the preschool with a door directly from the hall where the preschool is based.


Our preschool is the only accredited Montessori preschool in Orpington. In 2015 the preschool underwent an inspection by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board. The preschool passed and became an Accredited Montessori preschool. In 2019 the preschool was re-inspected and we maintained our accredited status.

Our Mission

To nurture your child’s curiosity, concentration and confidence

We will strive to develop your child’s full potential by nurturing their concentration is an environment where concentrating children are never interrupted. We will inspire their curiosity with engaging activities. Your child grow with confidence as they develop friendships and learn to play with their classmates.

Key workers

Our staff are all qualified with NVQ level 3 and 4 childcare and Montessori qualifications and all our staff have Pediatric First Aid Certificates. Your child will be assigned a Key Worker who will guide your child through their their preschool journey. This starts with settling in to their new environment. Your Key Worker acts as their anchor in their new environment by showing them how to use the materials and activities. These are displayed on low level shelves so they can choose their own activities. The first activities your child will be introduced to are the Activities of Everyday Living which provide the link between their home environment and the preschool. Your Key Worker will meet with you after six weeks to discuss how they have settled in and answer any questions you have. Your child’s key worker has meetings with you to discuss their progress through they year and adds observations to their preschool file via the My Montessori Child Ipad system which you can view.

My Montessori Child

The My Montessori Child Ipad system is used to store observations of your child’s progress throughout their preschool journey. Each observation consists of a photograph, written description and classification of the activity and which part of the curriculum it relates to. All the observations are checked by the preschool manager before being released to become part of your child’s preschool record. You can view this through the secure Parent’s Website. When your child leaves to start Reception your child’s preschool records are compiled into a report for you to give to your child’s new teacher at their Primary school.

When you visit the preschool we can show you how we use the system and what you can expect from the secure Parents’ Website.


Visit us and see for yourself

Send us your email or phone number and we will get in touch to arrange a visit to the preschool so you can see for yourself.