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The literacy learning area of the curriculum​ is where reading and writing are taught. A key feature of child development is that your child’s capability to learn to read develops at a different rate to the capability of your child to learn to write. Montessori literacy separates reading from writing so that one is not held back by the other.

The foundations of literacy are laid down before your child even starts preschool. Your child has been learning from you at an astounding rate and will know many words. This vocabulary will continue to expand as they learn more of the world about them and are exposed to new experiences. This is why reading to your children is so important to continue to expand their vocabulary, learning new words and reinforce what they already know.

What is Montessori phonics?

​​The Montessori approach to literacy is phonics based. Children learn the sounds of the letters and then use the sounds to build words. The Montessori classroom has a special section for literacy with special Montessori literacy materials. A wide range of story and reference picture books are always available in the classroom as well as rhyme bags and storytelling props. A series of reading books with three letter phonic words and few sight words are used.

Early writing skills

​Early writing skills are learned by painting, colouring and drawing in the Creativity area of the Montessori curriculum. The critical feature in these activities is learning to form the tripod grip that is needed to hold and control a pencil.

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